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About Ultimutt Animal Actors

Ultimutt Animal Actors provides animal actors for the motion picture industry in Canada. Our professional animal coordinator, animal trainers, and wranglers are experienced and professional on set. We focus first and foremost on having the highest quality trained dogs and cats for production. 

Owned by world renowned animal trainer Melissa Millett (25 years' experience training animals), we specialize in offering positively trained animals for film production in Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal and Canada. 

These animal actors are not family pets that may get spooked or waste valuable time, they are highly trained to perform complex film behaviors and eyelines through our animal actor training. Melissa is sought out worldwide for consulting and offering presentations on training animal actors for film, by other professional studio trainers, conferences, or professional animal studios. 

Time is money! Our animal actors are ready for the distractions, repetition and will exceed your expectations in a timely manner. We will work with production on expectations to hand pick one of our animals.

While we focus on quality over quantity by only representing experienced animals that are ready for the complex film and eyeline behaviors needed on set, if you do not see the right animal that you are looking for, we are experts at sourcing, assessing and prepping the right animal, if you require a specific look for your storyline.

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