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About Ultimutt Animal Actors

Melissa has worldwide recognition as a positive reinforcement trainer, as a studio trainer, a speaker for continuing education and for performing extreme tricks like handstands, jump rope and walking tightropes and specializes in cats.

With 25 years experience training animals and over 5 years' experience training animals for film, Melissa is a perfect combination of understanding movie making and training/ sourcing animal actors. Melissa will oversee project details to ensure that the directors' expectations are prepped and ready to go.

The animas are highly trained for basic film behaviours like stay, eyeline, go with but also for showing emotion. They will be prepped on camera movement, location, props, wardrobe, special effects as well as the specific desired behaviors. 

Melissa Millett

Melissa Millett

Founder and head trainer of In Dogs We Trust and The Ultimutts, Melissa has taught thousands of family pets. As an animal expert, Melissa has been featured on every major Canadian TV network as well as internationally. Breakfast Television (Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary), CP24, Global News, CTV (Toronto, Vancouver), Animal Planet, The Pet Network, etc. Host of the popular Television Show "Doggy House Calls" and the spin off series "Doggy Diaries" in London, Kitchener and Ottawa.

As an expert in obedience, Melissa is internationally known as an advanced trick trainer and performer with Ultimutts. A few of the Ultimutts have been featured internationally on; Good Morning America, The Rick Mercer Report, The Family Channel, CBC and Cineplex Theatres. Bella the Boston Terrier has traveled across the country with Ripleys Believe it or Not! to promote her appearance in the 2016 publication. Jellybean the DEAF Australian Cattle Dog made it to the semi finals of the Facebook Watch show "World's Most Amazing Dog" receiving 22 million views and coming very close to winning $100,000 USD!

Melissa has provided an elite service for animals in film and TV over the past 5 years with Paramount, Warner Brothers, Sony, Super bowl commercial, Commercials for Duracell, Yoplait, Gund, PetSmart, and more!