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Ultimutt Animal Actors provides animals for film, TV, Commercials, Print and live appearances. We work closely with the American Humane Association on approved positive reinforcement training techniques.

We strive to provide quality over quantity by listing only extensively trained animals on our website. Our mandate is to pay attention to detail in both the overall logistical planning with production and the training of the animals. 

Our animal actors are sure to exceed your expectations. Our elite Ultimutts  team travels the country performing the live "Ultimutt Animal Actors" show. We have also sourced the top sport and performance trainers and provided training movie animal training workshops to allow these dogs to become specialized in the specific studio behaviors needed for set. Our sister company, In Dogs We Trust offers ongoing Ultimutt Animal Actors animal actor training programs to create an extensive list of dogs to choose from if you are looking for a specific breed.

Send us a script and we will provide a budget and a breakdown to show you how we will help you bring it to life!